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Share your experience of residential aged care

You may be invited to participate in a survey about your experiences living in a residential aged care home

Up to 1 in every 5 residents living in aged care homes across Australia will be asked questions by a member of an independent survey team – the survey should take 10–30 minutes

Surveys will be scheduled at your aged home on specific days between February and October 2023

Participation is voluntary and requires your consent – the information we collect remains anonymous and is treated as strictly confidential. Additional information about the process involved with taking part in the survey can be found in the Participant Information Statement.

The information collected from the surveys will be used to prepare Residents’ Experience Reports, which will help residential aged care homes identify areas for improvement in the quality of the residential aged care homes they provide

Residents’ Experience Reports will contribute to the Star Rating for each residential aged care home, which will help them identify areas for improvement in the quality of residential care they provide. This will help Australians:

  • compare the quality of different residential aged care homes
  • make an informed choice about where they live

The operation of Residents’ Experience Surveys is led by IQVIA and will be administered and conducted in partnership with Access Care Network Australia (ACNA) and HealthConsult, on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Health.

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